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The Theater at Monmouth presents AESOP’S GUIDE TO FRIENDSHIP

“Little friends may prove to be GREAT friends”;  “Slow and steady wins the race”; “There is time for work and time for play”; and “Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends”. 

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Ray Troll: Fin(e) Artist

Ray Troll, beloved artist of the Vinalhaven fishing community, visited the island last month.  Troll, who hails from Ketchikan, Alaska, makes bold art with a message- often about fish. He presented

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LEAPS of Imagination Makes Island Connection

This October, second and third graders at Vinalhaven School participated in Leaps of Imagination. This years programs was “Galvanizing Connections Between the Island Landscape & Art,” and led students on a

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It’s Been a Busy Spring with Vinalhaven School Enrichment and PIE!

April was Poetry Month! We celebrated with Port Veritas Poetry workshops. Port Veritas is a community based organization whose goal is to enlighten, engage and entertain with poetry! The group

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Art Baron & Ingvild Waerhaug Baron coming to Vinalhaven next week!

Coming next week! Art Baron & Ingvild Waerhaug Baron Art Baron is an acclaimed jazz trombonist who began his career with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and has played or recorded

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Vinalhaven School Enrichment Happenings!

How to Build a Giant Puppet! Veteran puppeteer Peter Isnardi is at Vinalhaven School this week introducing students to large-scale puppetry and building a life-sized puppet for The Lion, the

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