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Perspectives After  School

Students use tools to take apart machines

Perspectives After School is a weekly enrichment program for elementary students at Vinalhaven School, offering a wide range of learning activities that are hands-on, creative and fun – while also being educational in the best sense of that word.

Perspectives serves two age groups ­– Grades Pre-K to 2 and Grades 3 to 5 – that have traditionally been underserved with afterschool options. The groups each meet one afternoon a week for 32 weeks during the school year.
In an era when students are spending less time doing and making, or playing outside in nature, than sitting passively in front of a screen, Perspectives offers a balance of experiential, place-based activities: nature and the environment, creating with the arts, healthy living and community service, technology and problem solving – are some of the broad categories encompassed in our programming. Students learn new skills, meet new people, explore their island, make connections and gain new perspectives. It’s a chance for them to get involved in a range of projects, explore interests, and discover affinities they might not even know they had. Above all, they have fun.
Sponsored through a partnership between Vinalhaven Land Trust (VLT) and Partners in Island Education (PIE), Perspectives is run by a team of dedicated educators who collaborate on designing the activities and bringing in volunteer community members to share their interests and expertise. The Vinalhaven School enthusiastically supports Perspectives After School, providing it with a home in the school, and contributing healthy snacks.
PIE and VLT are committed to seeing Perspectives After School thrive and grow—along with the children it serves—for a long time to come.
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It certainly is winter around here and February’s  sessions will hit upon that – check out below to see what exciting activity each week will bring!



Again this year, PIE partnered with The Vinalhaven School and local artists to offer fun-filled, summer camps. We were able to offer 3 this year where 80 students participated in ArtSCAMP, TheaterSCAMP & MusicSCAMP – see below. The success of this program went beyond our dreams – we will definately be back next summer!


ArtSCAMP was offered this year for two weeks. The goal is to foster a fun and educational environment for children to engage in the creative process using a variety of techniques and materials. Participants ranging in age from 4-12 were immersed in projects to develop style and technique.
Teacher Sarah Boyden led the groups through activities including painting, line drawing, paste paper making, clay, faux stained glass, encaustic and so much more! There was a good dose of fun, and participants went home with a collection of their own work. Thank you Sarah!
Teaching assistant Hillary Savage working with some of the younger students.
A group of ArtSCAMP students ready to get started!


This year, PIE also was able to offer TheaterSCAMP. Younger students ages 5-7 played theater games, developed skits and make their own costumes. Our teacher, Blake Reidy, spent time teaching participants about the basics of the stage and how cooperation is integral to any production. Silly group skits were performed for parents on the last day of camp. Another very successful & fun summer camp – thank you Blake!
Having fun with Masks!
Some of the TheaterSCAMP students!





Our third PIESCAMP was MusicSCAMP. MusicSCAMP was also a new addition to programming this year. Students ages 8-12 participated in camp, with the focus on African Drumming. Teacher Bill Trevaskis led the group through basics of rhythm, percussion and singing while playing. A wonderful group performance was put on at the end of the camp. We can’t wait until next summer – thank you Bill!
MusicSCAMP students taking it all in.
Putting what was learned to music!







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