After School Programs

Pop-Up Programs 2021


A May visit to Roberts Harbor Farm

We were very lucky to have a return visit in May. The whole farm was flourishing: with greenhouses full of flowers and tomato plants, fields of early greens, and baby lambs cavorting in the pasture. Students transplanted marigolds to take home and fed the sheep dandelions and juicy grass. Owner Dana Webster gave a tour of the huge barn and gardens and shared the history of the Farm. Thank you Roberts Harbor Farm for great visits!

A visit to Roberts Harbor Farm with Kate Ritz

During the second week of March vacation, we were lucky enough to be able to visit Roberts Harbor Farm with Kate. We were able to hold and feed the chickens, pet and feed the sheep, check out new seedlings and even plant some seeds to take home! Thank you to Kate and Roberts Harbor Farm – it was super fun and we hope to do it again!



Maple Sugaring with Jim and Colleen Conlan

During the first week of March vacation, Jim and Colleen again welcomed students to see how maple syrup is made from sap. We were able to help drill and tap the maple trees, collect the sap and then see how it is boiled down to syrup. At the end of the visit, we were able to sample the yummy syrup on vanilla ice cream! Thank you Colleen and Jime – it was such “sweet” fun!

Perspectives After  School (On hold due to Covid-19)

Students using tools to take apart machines.

Perspectives After School is a weekly enrichment program for elementary students at Vinalhaven School, offering a wide range of learning activities that are hands-on, creative and fun – while also being educational in the best sense of that word.

Perspectives serves two age groups ­– Grades Pre-K to 2 and Grades 3 to 5 – that have traditionally been underserved with afterschool options. The groups each meet one afternoon a week for 32 weeks during the school year.

In an era when students are spending less time doing and making, or playing outside in nature, than sitting passively in front of a screen, Perspectives offers a balance of experiential, place-based activities: nature and the environment, creating with the arts, healthy living and community service, technology and problem solving – are some of the broad categories encompassed in our programming. Students learn new skills, meet new people, explore their island, make connections and gain new perspectives. It’s a chance for them to get involved in a range of projects, explore interests, and discover affinities they might not even know they had. Above all, they have fun.

Sponsored through a partnership between Vinalhaven Land Trust (VLT) and Partners in Island Education (PIE), Perspectives is run by a team of dedicated educators who collaborate on designing the activities and bringing in volunteer community members to share their interests and expertise. The Vinalhaven School enthusiastically supports Perspectives After School, providing it with a home in the school, and contributing healthy snacks.

PIE and VLT are committed to seeing Perspectives After School thrive and grow—along with the children it serves—for a long time to come.

Click here for a 2019/2020 sessions information page and click here for a permission slip!

Session Five had lots of fun things to do!  This was our last session planned before Covid-19 hit…fingers crossed that we can start again in October 2021!

Check out below to see what exciting activity each week will bring!

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