Get Involved! Volunteer for PIE!

Join a Committee: PIE always welcomes new members to our committees: the Vinalhaven School Enrichment Committee, PIE Programs Committee, PIE Scholarship Committee, and the PIE Development Committee. Become part of a dedicated group of people who work to provide education and cultural opportunities for the children of Vinalhaven. Volunteering with PIE programs is a great way to make a positive difference in a child’s education. This past year we had over 60 volunteers!


After School: We need volunteers to share their knowledge, skills and time with kids at Perspectives After School for Grades K-5. The program takes place two days a week, and is lots of fun for everyone involved. Do you love working with children? We canalways use an extra pair of hands! Or, if you have an idea for an activity, game, craft, cooking or building project, let us know!


SCAMPS: PIE’s summer arts enrichment camps for ages 5-12 take place during the first two weeks of August. Last year volunteers helped out in the art room, and played games, read aloud and served snacks during breaks. Come join the fun!






PIES for PIE: Make pies for the PIE Booth at the 4th of July, and get your friends to make some too! Host a pie-making party! The pies are always delicious and a major fundraiser for PIE.







For more ideas, contact us at partnersinislandeducation [at] gmail [dot] com