Art Baron & Ingvild Waerhaug Baron coming to Vinalhaven next week!

Coming next week! Art Baron & Ingvild Waerhaug Baron

Art Baron is an acclaimed jazz trombonist who began his career with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and has played or recorded with a wide range of musicians, including James Taylor, Stevie Wonder and Bruce Springsteen. Art also plays pennywhistle, alto and bass recorder, didgeridoo, conch shell, and tuba. A longtime friend of Vinalhaven, Art has previously taught workshops at Vinalhaven School, and has performed on the island many times in various venues. We are very happy to have him here for three days of workshops with our Vinalhaven Band students in 4th through 8th grade!

There will be a… COMMUNITY CONCERT

Smith Hokanson Memorial Hall Wednesday, April 26th at approximately 6 pm.

Ingvild (wife of Art) is an artist and designer who uses dyes to create beautiful fabrics and turn ordinary clothing into fashion. She will be sharing her dyeing techniques with HS Art students on Wednesday and Thursday. We look forward to welcoming them both to Vinalhaven School!

For more details, contact Bill Trevaskis, btrevaskis [at] vinalhavenschool [dot] org, or at school (4800). Art’s visit is supported in part by Fox Island Concerts.