Vinalhaven School Enrichment Happenings!

How to Build a Giant Puppet!

Veteran puppeteer Peter Isnardi is at Vinalhaven School this week introducing students to large-scale puppetry and building a life-sized puppet for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, to be performed in December. Kids of all ages are working with Peter in their theater classes, as are the cast and crew for the play.

VHS theater teacher Chloe Keller invites school staff and adults in the community to participate in the project this Friday and Saturday, Nov. 17-18. Come see what they are up to, and learn how to work a giant puppet!

Other Enrichment Happenings…

This has been an exciting fall for school enrichment. In October, in LEAPS of IMAGINATION: Thinking through Art, a team of 4 artists returned to work with grades 4 & 5 on a project involving collage, printmaking and collaboration. The students’ artwork will be on display at New Era Gallery in December.

And on November 2nd, George Neptune, from the Abbe Museum of Wabanaki of History and Culture, made Maine native trade economies come alive for grades 4-12, as they learned how to barter for “needs” and “wants” between tribes and with European traders.

Coming up in December, local artist Chris Clarke will do a book project with HS art classes!