On May 13th, 2022 the Halcyon String Quartet presented Rise Up! – a series of multimedia performances. Using a combination of live music and projected film, Rise Up! reflects on the impacts of sea level rise on the communities and coastlines of Vinalhaven, North Haven, and Rockland. The performance encourages reflection and action, inspires empathy, and calls on people of all ages to think deeply about the opportunities for resilience and action within our communities.

Rise Up! features live music by Halcyon String Quartet, film by video artist Luke Fatora, and artist Jill Pelto’s watercolor painting “Rising Mitigation.” The performance was followed by a panel discussion with the musicians, artists, and special guests including Hannah Pingree, Gabe McPhail, Anna Siegel, Riley Stevenson, and members of the Vinalhaven Sea Level Rise Committee.





To see a recording of this performance, go to: Rise Up!

Video courtesy of Waterman’s Community Center on North Haven. Thank you to videographer Maddie Hallowell.