Travel Scholarships

Partners in Island Education now oversees four scholarships as part of its mission to enhance educational opportunities for the students of Vinalhaven. Two of these are for travel and education.

PIE’s Student Travel & Education Scholarship

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Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous summer family, PIE is able to offer a new scholarship to help students pay for educational programs and travel opportunities. The one time gifts range in amounts of up to $2500. Scholarship application deadlines are January 15th and May 15th of each year.


Polina Walsh, a 2017 Travel & Education Scholarship recipient had this reflection upon her return:

Polina at Future Leader Camp at Norwich University

“Future Leader Camp (FLC) was a window that allowed me to view into my upcoming freshman year at Norwich University (NU). Knowing the standards that NU sets for students in the Corps of Cadets (CC), I understood that I had signed up for intense training in FLC. By motivating myself to step out of my comfort zone I would become ready to take on the real world.

Every day was something new. My least favorite activity was when I rappelled off an 88-foot cliff; my favorite was paintballing and the Field Training Exercise (FTX). We learned how to tie knots, build a hooch (a tent made of logs and leaves), read maps, identify tracks and build snares, start fires, find edible plants, and filter water. We shot airsoft rifles, learned what to bring when camping, did archery, and built a bonfire the size of three cars.I’m proud of myself for sticking through the two weeks, and I am proud and ready to attend Norwich University.”


Jordan Radley, a 2017 Travel & Education Scholarship recipient had this reflection upon his return:

Jordan Radley at the Congress of Future Science & Technology Leaders

“From June 29th to July 1st I attended the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders in Lowell, Massachusetts. Thousands of student delegates from across the country congregated at the Tsongas Center in downtown Lowell to discover secrets of success from some of the most influential people in the fields of science and technology. Among the dozens of speakers were MIT graduates and Nobel Prize winners. 

My favorite speaker was Dr. Robert Metcalfe, inventor of the ethernet, founder of 3com, and a recipient of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Metcalfe (who has ties to Vinalhaven) before his presentation and talk to him about the Congress and the importance of making lasting connections. Ironically, this summer, I ran into him at Greets Eats and he invited me to have lunch with him and his friends, who each gave me tips on decisions regarding my future education.

The experience at the Congress helped me rethink my future and taught me that the key to success is to work hard, never give up, and do what you love.”


Gilleyanne Davis-Oakes, a 2017 Travel & Education Scholarship recipient had these thoughts upon her return:

Community Service in Costa Rica

“My trip to Costa Rica with others from across the US, gave me a chance to participate in new activities, meet new people, try to speak a new language, eat new foods, and really immerse myself in the Costa Rican culture. 

We went tubing down rivers, zip lining through the jungle, and white water rafting. I stayed with a Spanish speaking family, saw landmarks such volcanos and hot springs, and went on night hikes to learn about animals in the forest. We built a wall for a local home, and played with kids at a local school. During our free time, our group shared lots of fun and laughter.

I am very thankful to PIE for giving me unforgettable memories from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel and experience all these adventures.”


Andrea Shane, a 2016 Travel & Education Scholarship recipient, returned from a 5-month stay in Guatemala, with this reflection:

My namesake, André, was the biggest and one of the nicest snakes we had at the exotic animal rescue.

“I decided my Junior year that I was going to take a gap year and come to Guatemala. I’m so glad that I stuck with my decision because it has been life changing.

I have volunteered with both children and animals, most of my time with exotic animals. We rescued animals people brought to us or animals being smuggled across the border. We treated and released them back into the wild if they were able, but if not they lived with us permanently. It is such a unique experience I would have never had if I did not come to Guatemala.

Not only did I get to volunteer and help people and animals, but I experienced a whole different life I never really knew existed. I have a better understanding of the world and what’s outside of my tiny little island that I grew up on. Living in a third world country also made me appreciate the life I have back home. I am so fortunate to have everything I do and that I was able to come on this trip and realize this.

If you are thinking about volunteering abroad, do it, you will not regret it. Thank you to the Island Institute and to PIE for helping me make this happen.”


High School Travel & Education Scholarship Information Sheet & Application Middle School Travel & Education Scholarship Application

PIE’s Experiment in International Living Scholarship

Another exciting new scholarship opportunity! In partnership with The Experiment, PIE is offering a scholarship to ONE high school student per year who applies and is accepted into The Experiment summer program. PIE will contribute $2500 and The Experiment will contribute $2500 to this scholarship, making a total of $5000.

Keaton Lear is our very first EIL scholarship recipient who traveled to Spain this past summer in the Language and Cultural Traditions program. Here is a reflection from

Keaton with new friends 

Keaton upon his return:

“My trip to Spain through the PIE/Experiment in International Living Scholarship was unforgettable and has certainly made a difference in my life.  It changed the way I view myself by showing me that I can learn a lot while still having a good time. Not only did I learn a great deal about Spain – the country the language and the people – I learned that there are people just like us all over the globe who like to travel, make friends, and have fun. I am most thankful for the opportunity PIE and The Experiment gave me to become lifelong friends with some of them.” 

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