Partner’s in Island Education now oversees four scholarships as part of its mission to enhance educational opportunities for the students of Vinalhaven.

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PIE’s Vinalhaven College Scholarship 

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This scholarship was developed with the goal of providing a substantial financial award each year to one graduating senior going on to a four-year college. The people helping to create this scholarship are members of the summer and year round community, including Vinalhaven school teachers and administrators.  The first award was given in 2006. The scholarship is for a total of $8000 – $2000 for each year of college.   

Vinalhaven College Scholarship Information Sheet & Application

PIE’s Ogden/Chaffey Scholarship

Established in the spring of 2010 with a generous donation from Ms. Mary Jean Ogden, a long-time summer resident of Vinalhaven, the Ogden Chaffey scholarship is a one-time award of $1000.  Two of these scholarships are awarded to the highest scored students attending a  2-year, 1-year or vocational program.  If there are no students in the applicant pool for one of thoseprograms, the scholarships are awarded to the students attending a 4-year school who have the 2nd and 3rd highest scores. In creating this scholarship, Ms. Ogden hoped to inspire donors to give gifts that keep on giving by donating to PIE’s endowment.  

Ogden/Chaffey Scholarship Information Sheet & Application

PIE’s Student Travel & Education Scholarship 

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Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous summer family, PIE is able to offer a new scholarship to help students pay for educational programs and travel opportunities.  The one time gifts range in amounts of up to $2500.  Scholarship application deadlines are January 15th and May 15th of each year.

My namesake, André, our biggest and one of the nicest snakes we have at the exotic animal rescue.

Andrea Shane, a 2016 Travel & Education Scholarship recipient, will be returning from her 5-month stay in Guatemala on May 24th. Here is what she had to say before her return:

“I decided my Junior year that I was going to take a gap year and come to Guatemala. I’m so glad that I stuck with my decision because it has been life changing.
I have volunteered with both children and animals, most of my time with exotic animals. We rescue animals that either people bring to us or animals that are being smuggled across the border. We treat them and release them back into the wild if they are able, but if not they live with us permanently. It is such a unique experience I would have never had if I did not come to Guatemala.
Not only do I get to volunteer and help people and animals, but I get to experience a whole different life I never really knew existed. I have a better understanding of the world and what’s outside of my tiny little island that I grew up on. Living in a third world country has also made me appreciate the life I do have back home. I am so fortunate to have everything I do and that I was able to come on this trip and realize this.
If you are thinking about volunteering abroad, do it, you will not regret it. Thank you to the Island Institute and to PIE for helping me make this happen.”

High School Travel & Education Scholarship Information Sheet & Application

Middle School Travel & Education Scholarship Application

PIE’s Experiment in International Living Scholarship 

Another exciting new scholarship opportunity!  In partnership with The Experiment, PIE is offering a scholarship to ONE high school student per year who applies and is accepted into The Experiment summer program. PIE will contribute $2500 and The Experiment will contribute $2500 to this scholarship, making a total of $5000. Our very first EIL scholarship recipient is Keaton Lear who plans to travel to Spain this summer in the  Language and Cultural Traditions program – congratulations Keaton!  

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